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About Us


To promote the sport of rugby and teach members how to play properly and safely. We will represent National Collegiate Rugby and Texas A&M to the best of our abilities.


Aggie Rugby is based on respect and love for our teammates. We maintain a winning mindset and track record because we know we can trust our fellow Aggies on and off the field. A common occurrence among team members is that they found rugby by accident, but stayed for the people. Our team is our family and support system on and off the field.


The team was established in 1974. We received an honorable mention from the U.S. Women's Rugby Foundation as being one of the colleges that shaped women's rugby. After a period of inactivity, we were revitalized in 2011. 

Past Accomplishments:
  • 15s Nationals - 2011-2017, 2019

  • 7s Nationals (4th) - 2018

  • 15s State Champions - 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022

  • 7s State Champions - 2018, 2019, 2020

  • Multiple former members in professional rugby clubs and two on the USA XV's Team

  • Atlanta 7s Spring 2016

  • Ranked 8th in the nation 2011/2012

  • Rugby tour in England 2010/2012

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